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Heidi has spent most of her adult life taking care of others, whether it be her children, husband, father-in-law, parents, military families, clients or cows! Her focus now is on one of our most precious populations, our elderly loved ones.


Heidi’s path to her current occupation as a Board-Certified Independent Patient Advocate spans 6 states, 8 moves with the military and finally landing in Northern Colorado.  Health concerns with her Father-in-Law led her and her husband Skip to make the decision to leave the military and come back to raise their three daughters and run the family homestead cattle ranch.  Ranching was a new skill Heidi had to learn in a hurry as 9/11 changed their plans and Skip recommitted to continue his military career.  Along with the daily ranch operations and caring for the military families in her husband’s command, Heidi was a frequent substitute teacher in the local K-12 school, as well as a volunteer fire fighter and first responder.  She enjoyed helping patients so much that she decided to go back to school to become a certified EMT.  During her shifts on the county ambulance, she fell in love with helping our senior population.  Heidi was dismayed to discover how many elderly patients who live alone or in nursing homes are in need of help managing their health care.  


After making the heart-rending decision to sell the family ranch, Heidi and Skip, along with her Father-in-Law moved into town to pursue new paths with less commute time. She started a health coach and personal training business which allowed her the flexibility needed to care for her Father-in-Law.  This business was focused on aging clients phasing into life with Medicare and increasing medical needs.  It was a natural progression into starting her own independent patient advocate business focused on helping people navigate our complex health care system. 


Heidi and Skip have also been actively involved in the Northern Colorado Honor Flight and continue to support High Plains Honor Flight.  Using humor and genuine compassion to help our veterans realize how much they are appreciated during these trips has made Heidi even more determined to succeed as an effective independent patient advocate for populations that need a voice to speak for them.

Heidi’s education includes the University of Oregon and Mesa Community College in Arizona.  She received her EMT Certification along with an AS in Emergency Medicine with specialty in Gerontology from Northeastern Junior College.  Her board certification in patient advocacy, health coach and personal training require ongoing continuing education. Heidi is most proud of her “on the job” education as a rancher and producing a healthy calf crop while her husband Skip served our country for 8 months in Afghanistan.  


Heidi has been married to her husband Skip for 33 years and they have three adult daughters.  They are all avid water skiers and fitness enthusiasts and love spending time with their family and friends pursuing those passions. 

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